Patient Experience

The Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto is committed to developing a patient-centered approach to improve the surgical experience at the University’s teaching hospitals. In order to meet this objective, the Best Practice in Surgery developed a Patient Advisory Committee (PAC). This committee is led by Dr. Erin Kennedy and the steering committee includes Dr. Jaime Escallon, Dr. Mary-Anne Aarts, Dr. Rahima Nenshi, Dr. Robin McLeod, Lucia Vanta, Dr. Adena Scheer, Dr. Karen Wong, Dr. Nam Le, and Marg McKenzie. The workshops were funded, in part, by a CIHR grant.

Take the Top 5 Challenge!

We challenge you to try to implement as many of the Top 5 Things Surgeons can do to Improve the Surgical Experience for Patients. One early adopter implemented recommendation 5 - calling the patient after discharge. He reported that patients were thrilled to hear from him, and it only took 30 minutes to call them all!